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January 1-15, 2008
We mourn the passing away of Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra

Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra, veteran communist revolutionary, breathed his last in his native city of Kanpur on December 12, 2007. In his passing away, the communist movement of India has lost an indefatigable fighter, who devoted his entire active life to the cause of revolution and national liberation.

Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra was one of the key participants in the historic Kanpur Communist Conference organized by our Party on December 25, 2000. This Conference was organized in the very city in which, 75 years ago, the Communist Party had been founded. This city was the karma bhoomi of Comrade SK Mishra. In his booming voice, full of conviction in the ultimate triumph of the workers and peasants of India, Comrade Mishra expressed his complete support for the call of this historic Communist Conference – One Country, One Working Class, One Communist Party! Full of respect for the role of the Ghadar revolutionaries of the past, Comrade Mishra lauded the work of uniting all the communist revolutionaries in one single party with one single mission – the establishment of the rule of the workers and peasants.

Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra was born 91 years ago, in 1916, and his youth was indelibly linked with the struggle for freedom from colonial rule. Deeply influenced by Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries, he joined the revolutionary party of Azad and Bhagat Singh while in his teens and still in school. He participated in numerous revolutionary actions as a member of the revolutionary party. Like other revolutionaries, he willingly suffered jail and privations, but never gave up the yearning for revolution and freedom.

Shiv Kumar Mishra was attracted to the ideals of communism and joined the ranks of the Communist Party of India. Both under colonial rule, and afterwards, he played a pioneering role in the building of the party amongst the peasants and workers of Uttar Pradesh. He contributed greatly to the peasant movement in Unnao.

When the Naxalbari peasant uprising broke out, Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra was the Secretary of the UP state committee of the CPI{M} and a member of its Central Committee. He joined the CPI-ML founded by Comrade Charu Mazumdar and was one of its main leaders and organizers. He initiated the revolutionary peasant struggle in Lakhimpur Kheri. Comrade Mishra was soon arrested and while still in jail, was witness to the terrible spectacle of the destruction of CPI-ML.

In the period since the destruction of CPI-ML, Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra continued to closely follow the developments in the communist and workers movement. In 2004, his autobiographical book “From Kakori to Naxalbari” was published. Throughout this period, he continued to lend support to various initiatives that would, in his opinion, open the road to the victory of revolution.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India dips its red banner in memory of this communist fighter. We salute his contribution to the great cause of the liberation of our motherland. The work of Comrades like Comrade Shiv Kumar Mishra are not in vain. They have inspired, and will continue to inspire generations of revolutionaries to take up the cause of the liberation of our motherland from capitalism and imperialism.


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